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Friends, many such great people were born in India who have created history on the basis of their knowledge.

One of these great people Acharya Chanakya. He was a teacher, philosopher, economist, jurist and a royal advisor.

The whole world still knows Chanakya as the greatest politician. People have always wanted to follow the ideas given by Chanakya to become a successful person.

So friends, let us know in detail the whole life story of the great man Chanakya that, How Chanakya to avenge his insults, Ended the Nanda dynasty and Founded the Mauryan rule.

So let's know the history of Chanakya.

Friends, I want to tell you that the life story of Chanakya is very old, so many scholars have told their story according to themselves, But we will give you the same information which is more popular.


History of chanakya

Name:- Chanakya

Other Name:- Vishnugupta, Kautilya

Born:- 375 BCE, Chanaka village in Golla region (Jain legends)

Died:- 283 BCE, Pataliputra, Maurya Empire

Cause of death:- According to some scholars the reason for not eating food

Hometown:- Takshashila 

College:- Takshashila University.

Educational Qualification:- Study in Sociology, Political Science, Economics, Philosophy etc.

Religion:- Hinduism

Caste:- Dravine Brahmin

Occupation:- Teacher, Philosopher, Economist, Jurist, advisor of Chandragupta Maurya.

Known for:- Founder of the Maurya Empire & Father of classical political science and economics.

Hobbies / Interests:- Books Reading, Writing, Speech.


There is no clear mention of when and where Chanakya was born, but according to Buddhism, Chanakya was born 375 BCE, Chanaka village in Golla region.

Chanakya was born into a very poor Brahmin family and Chanakya had faced poverty since childhood. Sometimes Chanakya had no food to eat and he had to sleep hungry.

Chanakya was an angry and stubborn child since childhood, but he was very fond of reading since childhood.

He had faced many struggles in his life since childhood, and he was never any kind of greed.


According to the texts, Chanakya completed his education from Takshashila university and In a short time, Chanakya had gained a good knowledge of many subjects like economics, politics, war strategies and astrology.

Chanakya became a scholar in these subjects.

After completing his studies, Chanakya started teaching children in Takshashila Vidyalaya as a teacher of political science and economics. 

In Chanakya's time was to be a place called Pataliputra, which we know today as Patna.

And at that time, Pataliputra was the capital of Magadha, a very powerful Shakti state. And here was the empire of Nanda dynasty and the king of this place was Dhananand.


There were 2 incidents in Chanakya's life which changed Chanakya's life.

1. Alexander's invasion of India.

India was attacked by Alexander and started occupying the states here.

Then, Chanakya sought help from the king of Magadha to save the culture of India, but the king refused to help.

But Chanakya did not give up and also sought help from the kings of States around Magadha, But no one helped Chanakya.

To save Magadha, and Founded a good kingdom, Chanakya wanted to end the Nanda dynasty.

2. Chanakya insulted by King Dhanananda of Magadha.

Once the king had organized a huge yagna in Magadha and Chanakya was also present there.

Then Chanakya also joined the Brahmin banquet. Seeing Chanakya's dress, the king made fun of him in front of everyone. And ordered to get up from the Brahmin banquet.

Enraged by this insult, Chanakya decided to destroy the Nanda dynasty.

Enraged by both these incidents, Chanakya decided to end the Nanda dynasty.


After this incident Chanakya went out into the forest and met a child, named Chandragupta Maurya.

Seeing Chandragupta Maurya, Chanakya realized that this child is capable of becoming the king of Magadha.

Chandragupta Maurya was only 9 years old, when Chanakya made him his disciple.

Chanakya gave all types of education to Chandragupta Maurya, And made worthy of becoming a good king.

And then Chanakya prepared an army and attacked the Nanda dynasty of Magadha and defeated the Nanda dynasty.

In this way the Nanda dynasty collapsed and Chanakya made Chandragupta Maurya the new king of Magadha.

The Mauryan Empire was established in Magadha and Chanakya became an advisor to the Maurya Empire.


1. Chanakya Niti:- in this book, Chanakya has described, how a king should rule his State.

2. Economics:- In this book, Chanakya has described, how the economic policy of the state should be.


just as, there is no Clear mention of Chanakya's birth, similarly there is no clear mention of Chanakya's death anywhere.

But according to a book, Chanakya died in the forest due to hunger.


Today we told you about the life of chanakya (history of Chanakya), we hope you must have been inspire by this story and learned a lot new things more.

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Written by Sanchit Pandey.

Learn here and then teach others.

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