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Biography of Jeff bezos


American entrepreneur, Owner of Amazon, Richest man.

JEFF BEZOS is the owner of Amazon, the world's largest ecommerce company and a well-known person in the business world.

Today, every person in the world knows about the Amazon company. From a simple and poor people to become such a big brand, it is not easy. 

Today we will tell you the Biography of Jeff Bezos. So that you can know his life, how he became a successful person, how he became the richest person in the world. By reading Jeff bezos biography, you will get to know and learn a lot, and you will be inspired.

Let's start Biography of Jeff bezos....

Birth of JEFF BEZOS:-

jeff bezos was born on 12 January in New Mexico City United States of America. When jeff bezos was born, her mother Jexine was only 17 years old and at that time she was taking her high school exams.

when, Jeff Bezos was 18 months old, his father jorsam Jeff was died. Up to 4 years Jeff Bezos has been raised by his mother alone. After that Jess's mother married a man named Miguel Bezos.

Study of JEFF BEZOS.

Jeff bezos did his early education from Rever Oaks Elementary School and when he was in 4th class, the first time Computer came to his school, at that time even the teachers did not know how to run the computer properly. 

jeff was smart since childhood, they together with his friends read a computer book and learned how to run a computer. He was very interested in technology, electronic and science from the very beginning. As Jeff Bezos grew up, he learned something new. 

After some time, his family shifted to FLORIDA's MIAMI CITY. jeff completed his studies from Polmeto high school. In 1986, jeff bezos took a degree in Computer Science and Engineering. 

Starting of Jeff bezos career.

In 1988, he worked in the field of computer science in wall street and this was the place where jeff met his life partner mackenzie. In 1993, jeff married Mackenzie.

By 1994, jeff stayed in the wall Street and he worked in many different fields. Jeff was always upset about how long he would continue to work for someone else, he had to do his work.

It was that time when internet usage was growing very fast in the whole country. one day Jeff was running internet, then he came to know that the number of web ussers is increasing every year at the rate of 2300%. They thought why not take advantage of it and do some business with it.

He was always Habits of reading books, so Jeff decided to sell books online and that time there was no tex on selling books online, It was a very good thing for them, but there were many problems in selling online books.

For example, what software be used to sell books online and online books How to reach people in the world.

But Jeff bezos intentions were very strong, Jeff Bezos worked very hard to achieve his goal and was also successful.

He quit his good job at that time which was a very risky decision for him. Then, he work day-night and creating a software that people of the world could book orders online.

Starting of Amazon Company.

In 1994, he ready a team with some people and opened the company, which was in his home garage, he named his company cadbara but within 3 months he changed the name of the company to amazon. Jeff Bezos wanted to make his company the largest online books selling company in the world.

Jeff bezos saying one thing while starting this work. 

ABOUT the book industry, I don't know anything, But I know this, I am going to change the map of online books selling business.

Critics of Jeff Bezos said, 

Jeff, what you are going to do is impossible.

Jeff you will be ruined.

Jeff, you have gone mad.

Jeff one day you will regret it.

But he did not attention to any such person and he kept working hard for fulfill own dreams.

In 16th July 1995, he started selling books online and In one month he sell all the books in 50 US states and other 45 states. All it was not easy.

Many times, Jeff himself used to packing books.

Many times, Jeff himself also used to home deliver books.

Jeffs was never back away to do hard work, then today, he is Richest People in world.

After some time Amazon started earning up to 20 thousand dollars every week. IN 1997, The Amazon company went public. By 1998, the company had also started selling various products like DVD, Software and electronic. 

In 1999, jeff was reputable by Times Magazine as the Special Person of the Year. Over time, the company also continued to progress. In 2007, Amazon became the world's known brand.

Today is the time, that the owner of Amazon is the richest person in the world.

Some thoughts of Jeff Bezos.

  • I believe that if you are going to do something new, you should To be ready wrong in the eyes of others.
  • You Know, if you make a customer unhappy, then he tells not 5 friends, to 5 thousand friends.
  • We don't want to do things because we can do them, But we do not want to do anything in vain.
  • It is very difficult to find things that are not sell online.


Today we have told you biography of Jeff bezos. We hope you have got a lot to learn and you will be inspired by reading the success story of Jeff bezos.

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Written by Sanchit Pandey.

Learn here and then teach others.

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